37 Prince Arthur St., Toronto
Tel: (416) 921-3105

International, new wave menu including Chinese dim sum, Japanese miso soup, Italian pasta and French rack of lamb.
An interesting fusion of Pacific rim and Western cuisine. Strong Californian influences.
Elaborate and well-designed wine list.

Dinner Menu

Mixed seasonal and California greens with a honey fresh herb vinaigrette 6.95
Grilled calamari with marinated tomatoes, red onions and a lime caper vinaigrette 8.95
Braised vidalia onion, filled with curried vegetables, woolwitch daily goat cheese and garlic chives 8.50
Fresh salmon tartar wrapped in smoked salmon served on potato shallot crisps and drizzled with chive sour cream and it,s own caviar 10.25
Ontario garden vegetable gazpacho with a touch of vodka and spicy Asian crisps 6.50
Grilled Ontario jumbo quail on a jicima salad tossed in a citrus vinaigrette 9.95
Hot & Sour Miso soup with lamb dumplings, coriander, enoki mushrooms and braised leeks 7.50
Shrimp shiu mai with a black sesame ginger chive beurre blanc 11.95
Sautee of wild mushrooms with fresh herbs, organic cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar 10.95
Angel hair pasta with black tiger shrimp, basil, garlic, tomato sauce and extra virgin olive oil 11.95/17.95
Linguine carbonara with smoked duck breast, crimini mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and asparagus. 10.95/16.95
Rissotto of shrimp, scallops, mussels, red and yellow cherry tomatoes and saffron 11.95/17.95
Main Courses  
Certified Angus N.Y. striploin with grilled marinated red onions and merlot, rosemary, shallot glaze 23.95
Roast breast of chicken with a green olive confit and lemon thyme glaze vegetable cake and sautéed spinach 19.00
Roast rack of lamb with an essence of white truffle jus, served with a roasted onion and vegetable tart 24.95
Grilled medallions of swordfish with a corn and curried mango salsa, baby bok choy and black Thai rice 22.95
Warm salad of fresh steamed lobster with papaya and chilled on a bed of green asparagus 25.95
Sautee of sweetbreads and granny smith apple with a calvados and Thai basil sauce 21.95
Pan seared Atlantic salmon with fresh steamed artichoke hearts and a lemon chive butter sauce. 20.50
Braised veal shank with an orecchiette pasta vegetable ragout and lemon rings 19.95
Vegetarian Plate ( Market fresh ) 16.50

Stretch limos are the thing on Prince Arthur these days, and the wine list here explains (partly) why (more than 100 California cabs alone). Though pretty, the interior is not intimidating, nor the service. The menu changes six times annually and alternates the rich and the light--the concept personified in a main course of provençal veg set on a layer of white-truffle purée. All mains ($20-$34) are 
elegantly designed; in-house desserts are artful.Quick, personable servers. o, s

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