8897 Beverly Road, West Hollywood, CA 90048
Tel: (310) 859-4903
Cuisine: Italian


In addition to being "always on target" with "plentiful" portions of "authentic", "top-drawer" Northern Italian cuisine (order the veal Milanese), this West Hollywood stalwart continues to "draw an older crowd" for its "well-made cocktails", "quiet", "comfortable" "white-tablecloth" setting and "charming", "accommodating" staff that "treats everyone special."

This “comfortable” Northern “Italian hideout” “near Cedars-Sinai” in West Hollywood is “always busy” with “regular” traffic, as it’s the kind of place where “guys who know what they’re doing” serve “homey” dishes like “amazing risotto” and perhaps the “best Bolognese in town”; it’s “expensive but worth it”, and “if you know the owner, you’re pampered.”
Zagat 2004




Imported northern Italian beef--sliced very thin and served with rugola, lemon juice and olive oil

Prosciutto e Melone
Italian Ham and fresh Canteloupe Melon

Filet mignon--sliced very thin, served with artichokes, Parmigiano cheese and lemon juice

Gamberoni Madeo
Shrimps served ""Madeo style"" with fresh tomatoes, radishes, lemon juice and oilive oil

Crespelle di Salmone
Crepes served with smoked salmon

Salmone Fresco Alle Erbe
Sliced Salmon with fresh herbs


Fresh seafood soup in a red spicy sauce

Mare Caldo
Boiled fresh seafood served with olive oil and lemon juice

Fagioli e Aragosta
Italian beans (Cannelli) and lobster served with parsley, and lemon

Shrimp with Italian beans or rugola with olive oil and lemon

Spaghetti alla Bottarga
Sea bass dried eggs

Tris Dello Chef
Three kinds of pastas chef's fantasy

Penne Madeo
With fresh tomato-basil and Parmigiano cheese

Ravioli Branzino
Sea bass (Branzino) in red sauce

Branzino all'Isolana
Broiled Italian sea bass served with sliced potatoes and tomatoes

Aragosta al Forno
Lobster baked in a wood fired oven

Grilled fresh Langostine served with olive oil sauce and garlic

Tagliata alle Erbe Aromatiche
Sliced broiled New York sirloin steak served with aromatic herbs and olive oil sauce

Le Nostre Paste

Spaghetti all'Aragosta o Granchi
Fresh lobster or crab sauce (seasonal)

Linguine al Pesto
Fresh basil, olive oil and garlic sauce

Linguine Vongole
Fresh clams white or red sauce

Gnocchi Tre Versioni
a) Madeo: basil, tomato and Parmigiano cheese

b) Gorgonzola: Gorgonzola cheese

c) Pesto: basil, olive oil and garlic

Penne Radicchio
Creamy sauce and fresh radicchio

Farfalle d'Ischia
Salmon and vodka in a creamy sauce

Fusilli Puttanesca
Spicy tomato sauce with olives

Rigatoni Mozzarella e Pomodoro
Eggplant and Mozzarella cheese sauce


Riso Mare
Mixed seafood

Riso Porcini
Porcini mushrooms

Riso Bruno
Champagne sauce

Riso Carciofi o Asparagi
Artichokes or asparagus


New York steak with rugola

Breaded veal chop with spinach and lemon

Nodino di Vitella Burro & Salvia
Sauteed veal chop in butter and sage, served with spinach

Medaglione Porcini
Sauteed filet mignon with Porcini mushrooms

Filetto al Pepe Verde
Sauteed filet mignon served in a green pepper sauce


Salmone al Limone
Sauteed fresh salmon with lemon sauce

Gamberi Arancia e Salvia
Sauteed shrimps with orange and sage creamy sauce

Branzino Bollito
Boiled Italian sea bass served with rugola and brown olive sauce

Branzino Livornese
Sea bass with spicy tomato sauce

Alla Griglia (grilled)

Spada alla Checca
Fresh swordfish served with basil, tomatoes and spinach

Branzino al Forno
Fresh Italian sea bass served with olive oil sauce and spinach