63 avenue Franklin-Roosevelt - 75008 Paris, France
Reservation: +33.
Commercial Service: Frank Saliba
Public Relation:
Big boss : Valério Berkovics

Musical Performance from 11 pm.
Each Monday Zen evening, luminotherapy, Asiatic massages, astrology, clairvoyance...
All this is enhanced by the inventive cuisine of the Music Hall and its colorful calmness to relax and spend an excellent evening under the sign of well-being. It is possible and it takes place Mondays at the Music Hall...


Once upon a time there was a Music Hall ; born from the meeting between Valério Berkovics, a shows producer, dreaming about an ideal French restaurant, and Guillaume Leprêtre, a chef coming from Pierre Gagniere, Le Plaza Athenée, Le Rit'z, Bernard Loiseau and Maxim's.
So now one creates stunning atmosphere, while the other- magnificent dishes.

You can come and have an excellent dinner with your friends in this restaurant, one of the most publicized in Paris.

In the evening, if you want to have a drink in Paris, from 10 pm, our restaurant-musical bar is an ideal setting for you. With the pianist and the best DJs enjoy the most beautiful music at the restaurant Music Hall.

Nothing can be compared with enjoying your friends in our piano bar while listening to Ray Charles (blues), or Tsuyuchi (goa) and sipping delicious cocktails or tasting the best traditional French cuisine…

To enjoy a light snack to start the evening or a complete meal in the early morning, the Music Hall, restaurant in Paris will always be open to welcome the most discriminating of clients.
A generous and fresh menu, specially prepared for the late evening; dishes served by our friendly and energetic staff…

Our excellent French cuisine of the Music Hall Champs Elysées will help you to continue till dawn…

Each Tuesday the Music Hall welcomes Yves Baron accompanied by the best artistes of lyric soul, jazz, gospel, for an evening rich in rhythm and emotion...



Scallop’s draughtboard marinated a la Kasparov, pressed cucumber and granny smith apple with nori

Must of Royal Alaskan crab in olive Oil, with shredded celery delights and wasabied green apple

House foie gras terrine (fatty liver) incrusted with Tanzanian chocolate chip, with safran apple preserves and citrus juice

Red Mullet from Dakar slightly grilled with eggplant caviar, pistou and fried celery

Roasted turbo filet, white frozen pees, Noily Prat emulsion

Canadian Lobster fricassee with chanterelles, onions puree, and open lasagna in a fine lobster sauce.

Now famous “Music Hall” veal liver, lacquered with balsamic reduction, on a tile of crispy potatoes

Duck breast with sour cherries, Badiane poached pears, gratin of potatoes, charlotte horseradish


Heart of Guanaja, grand cru dark chocolate mousse, nougatine roasted cocoa on a fresh sacher biscuit

Milk chocolate cream, caramel and its English honey heart on cracking almonds surrounded by velvet dress

Mille-feuille sensation, chocolate chips in a cream of intense mint on exalted dark chocolate

Fresh pineapple in brunoise flavored with Bourbon vanilla seed, ice cream in its glass of sugar and fine meringues

Sweet mixture of white chocolate and creamy raspberry, sprayed with satin ivory white chocolate


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